1 How will we proceed with the installation of Arch Linux

It helps to see your
operating system as layers upon layers.

We have 4 Phases to install Arch Linux.

Phase 1 : Arch Wiki page until first reboot

Phase 2 : Making personal account

Phase 3 : Getting graphical

Phase 4 : Install any desktop you would like

We will mainly base ourselves on the wiki of Arch Linux but in case you get lost and do not know what to do next, it is a good thing you have some more tutorials from the net to take a look at, to get you going again, if you are stuck.

Also check out some of the youtube tutorials out there to get already a feel what is coming at you.

Sources from video are :




Please look for more sources on the net to figure out how to install Arch Linux on your hardware. That will be the challenge. In VirtualBox this challenge will not be there.