1 – Installation of ArcoLinuxD Icewm


Option 1

Install the desktop using



Option 2

Install the desktop using our scripts


Option 3

Install the desktop using



Option 4

Install the desktop using

ARcolinux tweak tool

OPTION 1 : Installing the desktop with Calamares

Select during installation what display manager and what desktop you want to install.

After installation you reboot.

You end in a black login screen.

Log into your system.

Update your Arch LInux mirrors with the command


Then update your computer with the command


Now activate the display manager of your choice

sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service

or others like sddm, gdm or lxdm.

Decide whether you use our skel command or not. You can enjoy a virgin Arch Linux look if you want to.
In case you are installing a tiling window manager I would suggest you use skel.


Now reboot with

sudo reboot

You will be greeted with your selected display manager or you will autologin, if you selected to autologin in Calamares.

OPTION 2 : Installing the desktop with scripts

Install ArcoLinuxD without selecting the display manager or the desktop in Calamares.

After rebooting and logging in we type this command to get the best mirrors in our neighborhood.


Then we get a fresh sync and upgrade with this command


We get our scripts from the github

git clone https://github.com/arcolinuxd/arco-icewm

Move inside the downloaded folder with cd and run the scripts from the smallest number to the largest number.

Only run script number 100 and reboot to get an Arch Linux feel. Read more here and see examples.

Decide if you want to run the other scripts. These scripts are meant to be changed by the user.

The scripts 500 & 600 will give you the ArcoLinux look and feel


OPTION 3 : Installing Icewm with ArcoLinuxB

OPTION 4 : Installing Icewm with ArcoLinux Tweak Tool