10 Looking at the standard gnome shell extensions in ArcoLinuxD Gnome

Gnome shell extensions can make your system awesome BUT it can also make it more unstable depending on updates, the extension itself and extensions you combine.

Just be aware that glitches can happen.

Start with the motto “less is more” and start very minimal with one or two extensions and test it out. Then after a few days add an other extension. In this manner you will quickly find out if they work against each other and make your system ‘glitch‘.

Symptoms of glitches are :

  • parts of windows that keep hanging
  • unexpected behavior
  • keyboard not responding
  • unresponsive desktop
  • keyboard shortcuts no longer working
  • screen is being rebuild
  • thrown back to login screen

I do not want to scare you but just be aware these things can happen and then analyze what extra extension you installed last.

We will go over some of the more important standard gnome shell extensions.