Installation of i3 on Arch Linux Phase 4

install desktop environment

Installing i3 requires only a few commands. Theming and tweaking your Arch Linux system will require more time. All the information about this desktop is here:

sudo pacman -S i3-gaps
sudo pacman -S i3status
sudo pacman -S i3lock

If you want you can experiment later with i3-gaps-next-git, i3-gaps-rounded-git and even more.

You can always fall back on the scripts of our github.


To set our keyboard we may use setxbmap as well.

setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout be

Or in short

setxkbmap be


We install yay-bin and we install autotiling.

We decide which package to install for autotiling.


If you want to have an AUR helper during TTY, you can check out this article.


We install dmenu to have a menu to launch applications.

sudo pacman -S dmenu


Termite is installed. We want to make the font bigger so you can read it better.
We show you how in the video.


Get the manpages in with

sudo pacman -S man-pages

Original look of i3 gaps
No theming or tweaking