13 adding a battery widget to qtile config for laptops

Choose between 4 widgets

In the configuration file for qtile ~/.config/qtile/config.py you can remove the ‘#’ in front of the widgets you like.

In above image there are 4 ways to show you the status of your battery on a laptop.

Choose 1 and reload the config with Super + Shift + R.

One widget (horizontal battery icons) uses our own script arcobattery.py. It points to a folder/file that needs to exist on your hardware.

The battery is called BAT0 in the script but it can have other names as well. You may need to edit this file to reflect the difference in hardware like BAT1

It points to a file that is either there or not. It may end in not showing the widget or breaking the qtile desktop.

Check how your battery is called on your hardware in /sys/class/power_supply