13 Full theming project Galactus

The wallpaper “Galactus” comes in and we will use it to change our desktop accordingly.

We choose a new icon theme and kill the conky.

Atom is going to be my editor because of the lua syntax highlighting.

We first copy/paste powerarrow-blue and rename it to powerarrow-froly. Just to be safe.

Then we change the tag color. We have the idea to use a dark and light pink to make the bar at the top and use gpick to find the RGB colors.

At the bottom we do a find/replace. We replace the blue colors with the pink colors.

When we open termite, we see a blue logo of ArcoLinux. We also make a pink logo and make sure it opens up in Neofetch. Then the pink logo does not load and we need to investigate why the pink logo does not show.

Great tip neofetch

I learned during the tutorial that Neofetch is keeping a cache file in the following folder that you need to delete if you want to see the new (pink) logo.


 Finally we change the color from the conky.