13 – installing the aureola conky’s on any desktop

Conky is a free software system monitor.

It is available for Linux. Conky is highly configurable and is able to monitor many system variables including the status of the CPU, memory, swap space, disk storage, temperatures, processes, network interfaces, battery power, system messages, e-mail inboxes, Linux updates, many popular music players, and much more. Unlike system monitors that use high-level widget toolkits to render their information, Conky is drawn directly in an X window. This allows it to consume relatively fewer system resources when configured similarly.

It is just fun to have it around.

Aureola conky’s have been installed already because of the scripts. Change the scripts if you do not want it on your second installation. Use catfish to easily find in what line and files it is mentioned.

Where are these Aureola conky’s and how to install them is what we will show you in the tutorial.