14 How to increase zsh’s functionality and change the configuration – any desktop

We can use a different shell in your system. The standard shell is bash. You can read more about bash or Bourne-again Shell here.

But you can also use Zsh. Read more about zsh here.

Zsh is already installed but not activated. And there are other packages you might miss if working with zsh.

We will install the extra functionality for zsh with a script.

I particularly like zsh because of oh-my-zsh. You can follow this link to read more about this package.

It will provide you with tons of new themes. With the script we change the theme to random. Every new terminal will have a new theme.

After running the script you need to change the shell manually – my username is erik

sudo chsh erik -s /bin/zsh

Then you need to logout or reboot and zsh will be activated in your terminal.

Changing back to bash then type

sudo chsh erik -s /bin/bash

Then we get our .bashrc settings and copy/paste it into .zshrc because we do not have neofetch in zsh or our aliasses.