15 Changing the look and feel of the menubar on Qtile

The most important message to get across is:

Test it out.

Trial and error.

Use the color #FF0000 or red to make it apparent what part of the menu you are in.

Change just 1 setting.

Save it.

Reload it with SUPER + SHIFT + R.

Then some common sense and some tutorials and wiki’s and you will get far.

We use the editor atom with extra extensions pigments, minimap and minimap-pigments.

We scroll through where the widgets of the menu start.

The colors have been defined a little bit higher.

Then we change the color codes to analyze what part of the menu/widget we are in.

Check out the video now as we will go over all the code.

We will add the cpu temperature widget.

We will not add the battery widget. This is explained here.

We talk about our memory widget and about the qtile memory widget.

We change the look of the clock.