15 how to set your keyboard in gnome or budgie – update July 2019

This article is written for Gnome and Budgie, which relies on Gnome.

Read more texts about what skel actually does

Gnome/Budgie users should see this video about dconf/user database

July 2019 we made a new gnome package to alleviate the “keyboard” issue.

It all starts with the fact that a keyboard choice is written inside a database called user located in ~/.config/dconf/user

On gnome and budgie this database will contain tons of settings.

ArcoLinux likes a themed and tweaked system out of the box so that means our icons, wallpapers, themes, … they are all in there.

Unfortunately the keyboard layout Belgian is in there as well.

We came up with a  ‘solution’.

We provide after installation the most common used keyboard layouts.


IF you do a skel and IF the copy/paste of dconf was successful you will get the BELGIAN keyboard back.


At least you can now easily switch back to your keyboard by selecting it in the settings of gnome. See the images.