16 – Installing insync on ArcoLinux(D) – solving the start issue

First of all installing an application can be done on any ArcoLinux(D). No matter the desktop. I just happen to be on ArchMergeD-i3 when I wanted to make a tutorial about insync. Insync is a tool that you can use to synchronize your files and folders on google drive to your personal computer. It works like a mirror. Anything you put in the folder on your computer will be synced to the cloud and vice versa. Insync however is free for 15 days to try it out then you should pay for it. Check out insync for pricing. Dropbox is also a cloud services and is explained here. We go over all the possible ways to install it.

sudo pacman -S insync
packer insync
pacaur -S insync
yaourt insync
pks insync

After the installation we figure out what to do with “man insync”. It seems we can start it with

insync start

Then we run into an other problem and we start qtconfig-qt4 with our dmenu shortcut (super + shift + d).   We should not select GTK+ but change it to anything else then “insync start” will work.

We should tell insync where you want put the files and folders. We choose to make a folder named “Insyc” where the complete google drive will be insynced.