18 how to get an extra polybar in Xmonad, tweaking polybar modules and more

After the building of ArcoLinuxB-Xmonad-Minimal to help someone out on Discord we install it to see if the build is ok.

You can build your own ISO in ArcoLinux and all this information is on : https://arcolinuxb.com

We use the opportunity to show the following things in the video:

  • tip to help virtualbox to get the maximum resolution – log out and log back in
  • kc is an alias that kills your conky
  • variety shortcuts
  • go check where the shortcuts are in xmonad
  • changing the theme and icons
  • polybar at the top – you can have a polybar at the bottom too
  • workflow advice – copy/paste .xmonad and .config/polybar
  • what is skel doing
  • ifconfig shows you the network card reference
  • we update the networkspeedup and networkspeeddown module
  • we change the modules to cpu1 and mem1
  • all polybar articles
  • overview of all the modules for polybar
  • we show a possible workflow – copy/paste – skel – compare with meld