19 – giving an overview of the i3 config file on ArcoLinux(D)

You need to read the ~/.config/i3/config. Then make a backup. Then change some lines, test and make that config your own.

We will go over the big chapters in your configuration file.

Topics covered :

  • Set your main key¬† Super or ALT
  • There is the naming convention for your keys
  • Tips for dual screen owners – arandr, xrandr and display manager from xfce
  • exiting, reloading, …
  • stop an application
  • change fonts
  • assign application to a workspace
  • how to know the class of an application
  • how to start up applications from boot
  • use catfish to search your system, also hidden files also in files
  • use meld to compare files and folders
  • gnome-screenshot can save a picture in jpg
  • floating enabled and disabled explained and shown