19 How to change to the xmobar on Xmonad instead of polybar

The standard bar on Xmonad is polybar. But we wanted to provide you with an alternative called XMOBAR.

Copy/paste the folders you have changed because skel will overwrite your settings. Get them back later with meld. Super easy and fast.

Changing between Polybar and Xmobar is simple

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-xmonad-xmobar-git

then logout and login.

You will see Xmobar at the top.

Xmobar will NOT have any system icons like variety, discord, telegram, network, sound, …

Depending what you have installed and what version you are on you need to install

gsimplecal, checkupdates-aur, xmobar

We will provide all these packages as of ArcoLinuxB Xmonad 19.03 and on ArcoLinuxD Xmonad scripts.


Two rules

After installiation of polybar or xmobar

1. skel

2. logout and login