2 How to theme LXQt

Icons Themes cursors

In this video we will show you where the icons, themes, cursor and fonts are set.

Check the LXQt Settings.

With variety we quickly change our wallpaper. We use insync to get our wallpapers from the cloud – in this case google drive.

We go over several icon themes and check out how they look.


We use the kvantum manager to set those applications that are not really ‘fitting into’ our current selected theme which is the Arc theme. More about kvantum here.


Openbox Settings and LXQt Session Settings

We have choose to work with openbox as back-end window manager. The Arch wiki is advising us to do so.

On the other hand we wanted to use Openbox as well. Openbox has been developed since 2017. The code can be reused. For example all our keyboard shortcuts can be re-used in LXQt.

Example of the tiling keyboard shortcuts in the video.



We decided to try out xscreensaver on this particular desktop.

It seems to have quite a lot of screensavers to choose from.

Have fun.