2 update your system after the installation of Deepin

After the installation of any of our desktops or ISO’s first update your system.

In order to have the fastest servers for Arch Linux we use an alias.
Please type alias in a terminal and read what an alias is going to run. 

We will check what is today the fastest Arch Linux server on our country with this command


Then we will use the fastest server to update all the Arch Linux packages and the ArcoLinux packages.


IF there are packages that are installed into /etc/skel we will type also skel in the terminal. This was NOT the case.

Then we update all the AUR packages and 3 of them will be updated in this video.


You will see that if you do not change anything in the xorg configuration your video in simplescreenrecorder starts to glitch nearing the end.

In the next video I have added a configuration file to avoid glitches in my recordings and put the input volume to 100% as well.