2 Where is the configuration of leftwm

Leftwm is a tiling window manager. The source code can be found on this github. You can get more information on the Arch Wiki.

The conky is there to help you learn the keyboard shortcuts, when you first boot into Leftwm. Conkies in tiling window managers are not required.

We need to know just one folder

  • ~/.config/leftwm

Read any and all files in this folder to learn what you can change, theme or tweak.

Polybar is going to be our menu at the top. You can read all the articles about polybar here.

The polybar configuration is unique per theme as is the picom configuration.

The bulk of the keybindings are in sxhkdrc but there are also keys in the config.toml.
You can not have doubles are else it will not work.


Picom has 3 big parts in its file.

  • Shadow
  • Opacity
  • Fading

We have an Arch Wiki page to learn even more.

Choose glx, xr_glx_hybrid or xrender as backend.
Only if you have trouble with your graphical hardware.