24 upgrading qtile to 0.15.1-1on April 2020

Short version : remove arcomemory.py from your Qtile folder

Mid April 2020 Qtile gets a new version on Arch Linux. We move from 0.14 to 0.15 and we needed to adjust our config accordingly.

This video contains a lot more than “delete the one file and never use it again” advice.

We start by opening up picom.conf and make sure we have transparency in VirtualBox.

#vsync = true

We install screenkey. It helps you to show what keys are pressed if you want to make tutorials.

Then we fix the nss error we were all faced with. See Arch Linux for news.

There is also a new feature on your computer. ArcoLinux-system-config will update your Arch Linux mirrorlist at every boot.

We show you that skel will always make a backup of your .config. We put back our picom.conf setting to get transparency back.

We never delete anything in your home directory. That is up to you.

Remove arcomemory.py in your qtile folder.

We show you what config we will use in the next release – config-future.py.

We install arcolinux-logout-git in order to show how Qtile will look in the future.

We show you our lock screen.

You can also delete compton-toggle.sh as it is replaced with picom-toggle.sh.