Installation of Lxqt on Arch Linux Phase 4

After following our guide we choose the desktop we want to install. In this case it takes 4 letters to remember and you have a complete desktop.

sudo pacman -S lxqt

You can find this info on the Arch Linux wiki page. That is always our first stop.

Then later we reboot and see what the original LXQt looks like. 

Then it is up to you to get the lego blocks in.

Need a browser?
Need an editor?
Need an AUR helper?
Need icons?
Need themes?


Since we have scripts available on ArcoLinuxD github we can reuse our work rather then typing everything in one by one and loose a lot of time.

We recommend you do exactly that and see what every package brings to the table the first time.

But once you know it becomes repetitive work then you use scripts. They will do the work for you.

You will see in the video :

  • installation neofetch
  • qterminal and its settings
  • installation firefox
  • getting the
  • run the distro-specific scripts at least 400/500
  • we install yay an AUR helper
  • using the ARCHWAY folder to get the spices from ArcoLinux in
  • installing sublime-text dev
  • installing sardi-icons
  • how to change icons in LXQt
  • bashrc is empty – no alias
  • copy/pasting skel content to home directory and getting our content in
  • source .bashrc
  • installation of lxde dual screen wallpapers and setting them
  • where do you set the keyboard shortcuts
  • content of script 600
  • setting the Arc theme

Great tip

Install the application the_platinum_searcher_bin with yay
It will search inside your files and report back where he finds the word. 

and use it with the pt command

Watch the examples.