All in one Arch Linux installation BIOS with Herbstluftwm

This video will be a complete installation from start to end. That is what we call All in One.

We download the ISO with qbittorrent.

Go over the important settings of VirtualBox.

A great tip is to learn more about arch-chroot.

With arch-chroot you can fix any computer.

Follow the video to install Arch Linux and Herbstluftwm.

We decide to use a swap partition. But there are other tutorials where we do not use swap.

It is all a personal choice.

I am afraid some of the video was cut off at the end of video nr 1088.

 We have done the following things in this lost part:

 Installed atom with sudo pacman -S atom and added pigments and minimap.

Changed the dominant key in Herbstluftwm from ALT to Super key in ~/.config/herbstluftwm/autostart.

Changed the colors of the active window to red and inactive to green.

Installed sxhkd with pacman for the keyboard shortcuts and in my case changed the keyboard to azerty with setxkbmap be.

After the installation of Arch Linux and Herbstluftwm you can always get the packages from ArcoLinux if you wanted to.

We call this getting the spices of ArcoLinux.

We need to take several steps and then we can get the configurations of the desktops, the .bashrc, configs of termite, conkies, … and anything else.

Update and upall will not work as alias in Arch Linux.