28 How to open a folder as root on Plasma

Solution : install thunar

Dolphin is under constant development and their software engineers have a vision how a file manager should work. At some point in time they decided that security wise it is not opportune to open up a file manager — dolphin as root. The potential harm, a user can do, is huge.

The developers have hard-coded into Dolphin that it can not be run as root.

Our best solution for now is to install thunar and use the custom actions from ArcoLinux to open up a folder as root.

See the image above.

Install thunar with

sudo pacman -S thunar thunar-volman thunar-archive-plugin

In the video you will see a new folder in dolphin called “root actions”. We installed that in this article.

To get the very last updates for Xfce-Thunar you need to install this package and run the skel command afterwards.

It all depends with what ISO you started out whether you need to do this.
This package will install “open folder as root” in thunar.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-xfce-git

Open thunar as root starting from Dolphin