Installation of Arch Linux UEFI with Jwm

We install Arch Linux on VirualBox with UEFI activated. We use this tutorial.

We get our Arch Linux ISO from and boot from it.

The correct Virtualbox settings must be applied. Check them out.

Then we follow the guide.

Cloning a VirtualBox makes sense, reuse the work you have done.

And then install Deepin or Mate or Plasma or …

We start from the last video. We have a basic Arch Linux on our Virtualbox.

Now we need to install the desktop. Lightdm is already activated but there is no desktop behind it yet.

We go to the TTY with Right-CTRL + F3.

On real metal you use Ctrl + Alt + F3.

We install jwm with

sudo pacman  -S jwm

Now we get our config.

cp -i /etc/system.jwmrc ~/.jwmrc

This is Jwm from Arch Linux.
Now you need to configure it.

Now we get our ArcoLinux packages into Arch Linux. ArcoLinux created an application for that called


Download it from here.

Then we install it.

Since there is no polkit yet, we have to run arcolinux-spices as sudo for certain buttons.

If you install polkit-gnome and reboot then you will see the normal popups to become root. We did not see those in the video because it was not installed yet.

sudo pacman -S polkit-gnome

Arcolinux-spices needs to be run as sudo for certain buttons and normal user for others.

To get the .bashrc I need to start the arcolinux-spices as Erik and not as Root.

We install the package arcolinux-jwm-git to have our Jwm config and move it from /etc/skel to the home directory.

Then you need to figure out what is needed to get a working menu, working icons, etc.

sudo pacman -S xdgmenumaker

We install also yay-bin.

We install our logout application.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-logout-git

We discover we need an extra dependency on a virgin Arch Linux. It is not an issue on ArcoLinux.

Because of the video we have added python-cairo to the pkgbuild. Problem solved for the Arch Linux users.