3 – ArcoLinuxD scripts explained in detail

In the tutorials about ArcoLinuxD-Budgie I gave a detailed explanation about how to make scripts. If you want to know more about how to start from scratch on a script you can follow the tutorials of ArcoLinuxD Budgie.

In i3 we will take a look at the contents of the scripts we use to get a complete desktop.

You choose your editor. There is geany, sublime-text, atom and mousepad and you can install more.

I choose Atom in the video.

This tutorial can be interesting

We start with the shebang or 


 Then we have the line 

 set -e

This will end the script if it encounters errors. Type “man set” in the terminal to see what -e stands for.

 Echo is the command to type text you want to show to others.

In the “man” of pacman you will find the –noconfirm –needed.

Installing lightdm is documented on the Arch wiki and we follow the tips there.

Installing i3wm is documented on the Arch wiki.

There is a detailed explanation of the script I use to install AUR packages.

 You need to read about systemctl. It is the way to enable and start your services and many other things.

[ -d $HOME"/.config/i3" ] || mkdir -p $HOME"/.config/i3"

This line will check if there is an i3 folder else it will create the directory.

Figuring out sound, bluetooth, samba, printers, sharing, avahi and so on. You go to the wiki of Arch and you read what you need.

 To ask input from your users you can use the command “read”. The -p is supplying a prompt.

 We take a look at pacman.conf and tell you why we have a division between arch repo and aur repo.