3 How to theme ArcoLinuxD Mate

Icons Themes cursors

In this video we will show you where the icons, themes, cursor and fonts are set.

Check the system menu.

With variety we quickly change to a spiderman wallpaper. Coming from desktoppr.co.

We have installed compiz-manjaro. THAT IS NOT PART OF MATE. I installed that extra.
We go over several icon themes and check out how they look.

The file manager in Mate is Caja.

We take a look at Mate Tweak. Here we can set if we use Marco (Software compositor) or Compiz as compositor. 

Make sure the Show Desktop Icons stays on or you can not work on our desktop anymore. NO right mouse click to go to your terminal.

PANELS with mate-tweak

We can change the panel layout via Mate Tweak

But before you do that.
Play it safe and first press Save as and save the current setup.

Now change the panel and test it out. It can be that in future the panels change… or do not work as supposed to.

Enable Dock is showing plank!

change the panel and add elements

We can change the panel’s appearance and make it smaller with transparent background etc. Expand the panel. Autohide the panel.

If you do NOT LOCK the elements it will rearrange the elements at will. We show you how to fix them. Lock to panel.

In Mate Tweak in panel we can actually set the size of icons  in the panel. 

Then we show you some of the extra applications we can add onto the panel.

  • battery
  • brightness
  • force quit
  • hardware sensors monitor
  • network monitor
  • system monitor

change notification theme

We can change the theme of the notification service.

We have 4 themes to choose from.

4 menu’s to try out in Mate

You can compare 4 menu’s with each other and then choose what menu you like best.

  1. Brisk menu
  2. Main menu
  3. Mate menu
  4. Menu bar (standard)