35 How to install a theme from store.kdg.org called Helium

There are lots of themes but are any of them ‘good’ and will they work on Plasma is a common question.

I suggest you google around and see what themes pop-up and see if you like them at all.

Then you can decide if you install them. There are different ways to install them

Installation via kde.store.org

We have kde.store.org that can supply you with lots of themes and more.

We decided to give Helium a try and will install it together.

You need to place the contents of the download in


and it will come available in system settings of Plasma.

The Antu icons will come from this link.

Icons need to be unpacked and moved into ~/.local/share/icons

Plasma differs that way. All other desktops find their icons in ~/.icons and ~/.themes. NOT PLASMA.

In this article we install Helium with the application plasma-discover.

Plasma Challenge

You can follow our tutorials based on either of two ISO’s.

1. ArcoLinuxB Plasma (recommended)

We record the plasma video’s on an SSD installed from the¬†ArcoLinuxB Plasma ISO.
You can either create your very own ArcoLinuxB Plasma ISO following this tutorial or download it from Sourceforge. (ArcoLinuxB-plasma-18.11.2.ISO of 4.3 GB – games included)

2. ArcoLinuxD Plasma

You can also use the ArcoLinuxD ISO and then install Plasma with the help of the github scripts. This will not be an exact copy of the ISO.

Learn about the Plasma desktop and enjoy it.