All in one Arch Linux installation UEFI with Dwm

Another example how to install Arch Linux from A till Z.

This time we use ext4 as formatting system.

efi (fat32), swap and root as partitions and we use uefi on our VirtualBox. 

Later we install dwm.

We have seen many archISO releases in the last months. Many things have been changed and deleted. You can learn more about the changes of archISO on

Now we install Dwm on our Arch Linux system.

We use the functionality of cloning virtual machines in VirtualBox.

First we install yay and then we have an AUR helper to install dwm.

If we later on want to change dwm we have to go to the folder where Yay created his Dwm application and we need to rebuild it again with makepkg.

We install pacman-contrib because we would like to have updpkgsums as application.


Adding the ArcoLinux Spices
Getting Dwm of ArcoLinux and more

In previous video we installed Dwm from the Aur with yay.

In this video we get the ArcoLinux spices application and we run the scripts manually since we have NO graphical environment yet.

There are many videos about the ArcoLinux spices. You can see them all in a playlist on Youtube.

We get the source code from github with a command.

git clone

When you press a button the ArcoLinux spices application runs a script. We will run these scripts ourselves.

We first install the package git to be able to git clone our application.

Then we run the scripts in the same sequence of our GUI.

Follow the video to learn more.