37 making a custom shortcut for system settings and ksysguard

I was missing two keyboard shortcuts that are in Xfce, Openbox, i3 and other desktops.

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC opens up a taskmanager. Plasma calls it ksysguard.

CTRL + ALT + M opens up the Xfce settings manager. I want this shortcut to open up Plasma settings or systemsettings5.

Let us make the shortcuts.

Plasma Challenge

You can follow our tutorials based on either of two ISO’s.

1. ArcoLinuxB Plasma (recommended)

We record the plasma video’s on an SSD installed from theĀ ArcoLinuxB Plasma ISO.
You can either create your very own ArcoLinuxB Plasma ISO following this tutorial or download it from Sourceforge. (ArcoLinuxB-plasma-18.11.2.ISO of 4.3 GB – games included)

2. ArcoLinuxD Plasma

You can also use the ArcoLinuxD ISO and then install Plasma with the help of the github scripts. This will not be an exact copy of the ISO.

Learn about the Plasma desktop and enjoy it.