4 – all you need to know about tweaking and theming i3

When we start the video i3 is already themed somewhat in previous tutorials.

What applications matter when we talk about theming your i3wm?

  1. variety and nitrogen for wallpapers
  2. lxappearance for themes, icons, cursors
  3. qtconfig-qt4 for applications following qt settings

In lxappearance we can set the themes, icons and cursors.

Variety gets and shows you wallpapers. Remember the many keyboard shortcuts. They are all in the ~/.config/i3/config.

To show nitrogen I will first install wallpapers from ArcoLinux repository. You have to be patient sometimes as you see in the tutorial.

Pamac is explained in the tutorial.

  • where do packages come from
  • what is the content of the folder
  • where do they put the files
  • what packages are installed

Nitrogen is an other application to set your wallpaper. Great for the dual screen users. You can select a dual screen wallpaper to show up on your two monitors.

qtconfig-qt4 is another application to set your theme and fonts. They are applied to applications that follow the qt4 settings.

Then we go inside ~/.config/i3/config

You choose the editor you want to use. I will use Atom.

You can change the

  • panel bars
  • colour of panel bars

At the bottom you can change the bar. There are three options available now. Just a hashtag away.

We will install pigments in Atom. It is a great way to see the colors. Hexadecimal color codes light up on your screen with the color.

We have also 3 color setups. The only thing you have to do is copy/paste the color codes into your config file.

Remember that there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts for variety. Read them in the config file.

i3wm is distro independent.

This means you can watch ANY i3 tutorial out there and learn from it.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember