4 an overview of Qtile and getting to know the main keyboard shortcuts

General info

Qtile is a tiling window manager and it is coming from here. You can get more information on the Arch Wiki.

The conky is there to help you learn the keyboard shortcuts, when you first boot into Qtile. Conkies in tiling window managers are not required nor needed.

Keep the Arco-Qtile github folder save for later if you have installed Qtile with the ArcoLinuxD ISO. In the future you can do a git pull and see what we improved.

We need to know the most important folder for Qtile

  • ~/.config/qtile

Find out the names of your screen/monitor with xrandr or arandr. You can use it to set your screen in the autostart if needed.

Qtile has its own menu. We have just changed the design so it looks like polybar.

First view – keyboard shortcuts

We are using the same keyboard shortcuts on all our desktops. So learning them will benefit your workflow.

You need to acquire some

finger memory

We go over the keyboard shortcuts from the conky and some more.

Super + Shift + R is the most important one.

This keyboard shortcut will reload qtile. Any changes, you made, will be applied.