4 How to change the theme, icons and cursor in Leftwm

This video is created for all and any Tiling Window Managers

First I switch from qwerty to azerty. No need to do that if you are on qwerty.

We install a different icon theme called oxy-neon to show it is really changing everywhere. Also on the Login screen of SDDM.

We try to change it with xfce4-settings and learn not all of these settings work since we are on not on xfce4.

Then we try lxappearance.

Later on we try to change the icon theme of SDDM.

After cursor has been set we start taking a look at the polybar provided with the candy theme.

We install atom and its pigments extension to see colors in our editor.

We move the polybar to the bottom and change font size and colors and more.