4 – How to install desklets on ArcoLinuxD Cinnamon

Desklets are elements we can put on our desktop. There are already of few installed.

  • clock desklet
  • digital photo frame
  • launcher desklet

But in the future we will get more of these desklets so you better check the Download tab.


You can move the desklets. It is sometimes tricky to move them. We will change the location for the weather desklet. We have some difficulties to find the correct number. Changing the browser did the trick. There are a lot of settings in this desklet. It is also fun to change the icon theme. The background color is red because we were editing. If you safe the settings, it will be black.

We test a few desklets.

Remember we are installing desklets from Linux Mint on Arch Linux.

Things might not work or they might not work because we are on a virtualbox.

We show you how to install and uninstall desklets.