4 Installing ArcoLinux-Nemesis on any desktop as a possible workflow after installation

NO distro is 100% to your liking.

You need to uninstall applications, install applications and tweak and config to reach YOUR sense of perfection.

After any ArcoLinux ISO I will install my personal github called : ArcoLinux-Nemesis.

You can find that github here : 


There are many other video’s that talk about the nemesis github and its scripts. It will constantly change over time.

So read the scripts. Decide what you can use and re-use my work and make your own personal github that you install after a clean installation.

We go over all the scripts in the video and tell you also why some of the applications are not on the ISO.

We are continuing with the Nemesis scripts but this time we go to the Personal folder.

The point of these scripts is to have a uniform and recognizable workflow on all the desktops. 

The bashrc-personal is something very useful and you can read more about it in this article.

The bookmarks, I need for my workflow, are also present on Deepin. They follow me on thunar.

The dmesg has changed a few months ago and got a lot of audit lines. You can get rid of it when you run a script.

More tips and trics in the video.