42 setting icons in dolphin and thunar filemanager – why is thunar in Plasma

We see a pop-up from discord. It wants to update and asks what to do.

We install the update with:

sudo pacman -S discord

We discuss the new arcolinux-mirrorlist-git but it was already up-to-date. The packages are now coming from the new dataserver.

We forgot to type SKEL to get the new data in from /etc/skel to our own home directory.

Then we update the AUR packages with upall.

Go to System Settings and navigate to icons.

Do not forget to apply it at the bottom.

Best advice after selecting a new icon theme is to logout and login or even reboot.

We have two filemanagers.

Dolphin from Plasma – this one is defined from system settings, icons

Thunar from Xfce – this one is defined from system settings, Gnome Application Style (GTK)

Thunar is there because of the workflow possibilities. We have lots of custom actions there that we use all the time like comparing with meld

There is one custom action Plasma will never have : open folder as root.

In the video we will set Thunar and Dolphin so that they have the same icon theme.