43 Plasma update March 2019 settings and technical overview

New Login screen

Since the ArcoLinux ISO has a new welcome screen, we update the welcome screen for Plasma as well.

Plasma settings added

We took a look at the settings of Plasma to set the missing elements that we so love having around on our other desktops. For example our keyboard shortcuts. Let us give a summary of all the changes.

  • sardi-arc theme is now standard
  • numix-theme is installed
  • no splash screen so we boot up faster
  • gtk theme has been set breeze
  • desktop effects : desktop cube
  • desktop effects : wobbly effects
  • desktop effects : grid effect
  • 4 virtual desktops in 2 rows with slide effect
  • 30+ keyboard shortcuts – same as on other desktops
  • start with empty session on next boot

In the other video we see Plasma on SSD (that one has the wobbly effect – virtual box will not) and we go over the same content but this time we check the files that are coming to your system via /etc/skel. A more technical approach and a way to look at the source of all the plasma settings.Talking about skel and bupskel.


Updating the arcolinuxb plasma ssd
for the tutorials

it was a bit of a sherlock holmes
to get to the look
of the ArcoLinuxB plasma 19.03

kvantum-qt5 is a no go on Plasma
instead use Qt5ct

Latte dock prevented our
arcolinux keyboard shortcuts