ArcoLinux and Arch Linux is a rolling release linux distribution.

There are not half-yearly releases. Instead there are year round updates – some small – some large. The updates just keep flowing in like a river would.

So there is no need to do a clean install. You can keep rolling.

And this is already the second ssd where I proof to you that this is possible to just keep updating.

The Plasma Challenge originated in beginning of November 2018 and was never touched without filming it every step of the way.

This ssd is now 8 months old. 

First we update and then we do a skel and we update some more with upall.

We need to reinstall discord because of the dependencies that were updated in the last 3 months. See command last.

We migrated to and that is the error we see. More info here.

We are using meld to compare one backup of /etc/skel with the other so we see what changed in 4 months time.

When we update with upall there is one packages that has a wrong pkgbuild at this time.

It is not coming from Arch Linux.

It is not coming from ArcoLinux.

It is coming from AUR and from UBUNTU actually.

We have to wait till the maintainer fixes this pkgbuild in order to install the newest package. 

Do not worry the current package works just fine.

We also add conky-toggle to the favorites in the menu.