49 – using conky-zen and conky-toggle on Plasma – where are the keyboard shortcuts

We are setting a conky on Plasma in this video.

Conkies will never work on all desktops. The differences between the window managers are just too big.

Plasma uses kwin as window manager as neofetch tells you.

Here is a complete list of all window managers.


We choose a conky we like and
change its name so our code will not be overwritten
with the skel command. 


Then we change one particular word and it is fixed forever.

own_window_type from desktop to override

Afterwards we see why super + c  does not work. First I thought it was not developed yet but it was already in there.

We discover that there is a keyboard shortcut from latte dock still in there that blocks the use of super + c.

We overwrite it and take back control.