5 – How to install applets on ArcoLinuxD Cinnamon

Applets are elements in Cinnamon that will get their place in the cinnamon toolbar.

Cinnamon uses applets by default to show many elements in your toolbar.

I had already installed the weather applet in a previous tutorial. We delete it and install it again.

We show you how to get your WOEID to figure out the number of your city. We change the preferences because I thought something was wrong with my vivaldi. I set Firefox as my preferred browser and it works.

Cinnamon uses applets for many things

  • Cinnamon menu
  • Bluetooth
  • Clock
  • Sound
  • Network

Icing Task Manager is something I had never used. One of the things it does is show thumbnails when hovering over open applications. Still lots of questions open about this one.

Multi Core System Monitor is tested and configured.

Download and upload speed is tested and configured.

Screenshot + Record Desktop is tested and configured.

Restart Cinnamon can be used when you are making themes for Cinnamon.

Settings Plus can be used when working on themes among other things. Some of these things point to Debian packages. That will never work.


Remember we are trying out applets
written for Linux Mint.
Not everything will work.