5 Setting up firefox and vivaldi – sync your bookmarks, settings, extensions and themes from the cloud – any desktop

We check first my dmesg. In previous article and video we discussed the messages we are getting lately. They all start with audit and it makes it hard to read the dmesg these days. We show you how you can get your previous dmesg back.

When you perform many clean installs, your personal settings are gone every single time.

Like anybody else we want to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Even after installing the nemesis script I need to get the firefox settings, themes, extensions and bookmarks in.

The same goes for Vivaldi or Chrome for that matter (not shown in video).

Firefox is my browser to log in as ArcoLinux and Vivaldi is my browser to log in as Erik Dubois. Chrome is there if I do NOT want to be logged in at all.

In the video we show you the following topics: 

  • installation of lastpass on both browsers
  • vivaldi syncing from the cloud – bookmarks, settings, extensions and themes
  • firefox syncing from the cloud