5 Where can we find the qtile configuration

two major documents to configure

Qtile has actually just one document where all the settings are :

  • config.py

The other one is connected to Qtile but it is not from Qtile.

  • scripts/autostart.sh


Find out the names of your screen/monitor with xrandr or arandr. Xrandr is not specific to any window manager so check out these articles too.

You can use it to set your screen in the autostart if you need to.

Qtile will autodetect the resolution of your screen on real metal. Virtualbox is NOT real metal.

VirtualBox stays a simulation. Hence the issues for ALL tiling window managers.

There is also an example script present if you want to install Qtile in a virtual machine but your native screen resolution is NOT available in the dropdown in your virtual machine.
You can solve that too.

We all have our preferences regarding wallpapers and how to set them.

We use variety as a wallpaper changer and provider. But there is also feh or nitrogen to set your wallpaper and not rotate it at all.

You can launch discord automatically at boot and so much more.

We go over the rest of the content of autostart.sh.

We will keep updating this file. The content may differ from the content of the video.

qtile code

Although  I started with the autostart script, that is not the first thing that starts.

Qtile will be launched using its configuation file in ~/.config/qtile/config.py.
At almost the bottom the autostart script is launched and is launched just once.