51 lost all the plasma settings with skel – how to overcome this

ArcoLinux and Arch Linux is a rolling release linux distribution.

There are not half-yearly releases. Instead there are year round updates – some small – some large. The updates just keep flowing in like a river would.

So there is no need to do a clean install. You can keep rolling.

And this is already the second ssd where I proof to you that this is possible to just keep updating.

The Plasma Challenge originated in beginning of November 2018 and was never touched without filming it every step of the way.

This ssd is now 9 months old.

When I did a skel in the past video’s we lost some of our settings in plasma.

Ofcourse only the files in /etc/skel will be overwritten in your home directory and nothing more.

There is a whole article dedicated to skel here.


Since we promised to film everything, we are going over the motions here too.

We analyze the left config with our right config. 

It is sometimes just some common-sense.

We can not know everything.

Not yet anyway.

Read the code and decide.

If you do not know what to do, follow plasma so the .config folder and move the code from left to right.

Use the refresh button from Meld from time to time.

We have now rebooted after changing all the settings and we are going to

  • compare all the settings again between .config and .config-mine
  • see what setting will be changed if I change vsync to never and all the other changes
  • we set our system the way we want
  • then we compare again and put these settings away for next time
  • after a skel we can revert back to our own settings

The spectacle application keyboard shortcut gets lost???

We need to figure that out.