53 getting Sddm and Plasma on ArcoLinuxD

We install sddm and plasma on this freshly installed ArcoLinuxd.

Force sddm  with -f to overwrite the standard lightdm.service.

sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f

We switch to the 3 different menu’s.

We check what we get in with the plasma package aka lego block.

No dolphin no konsole…

How do we get those in?

We install firefox and go the Arch Wiki. We look for the group details.

I missed the package kde-application or kde-applications-meta (konsole, dolphin, …) on Arch Wiki so I go and watch on the ArcoLinuxB github to see what lego block I need to get it in.

We show you that there also other KDE packages to make a minimal installation. There are other kde- meta packages.

We change the design.
We show the wobbly and why it is missing.
We show you where to set your num lock on at boot.

We take a look at the menu again after kde-applications-meta.

Then we can install more ArcoLinux packages or not.

arcolinux-plasma-git is the desktop related package

arcolinux-config-plasma-git is the non-desktop related package (nemesis = beta package)

Quite recently we changed our icons from Sardi-Arc to Surfn-Arc. Hence no icons.

Since there is no surfn icon installed we do not see an icon, … obviously.

We learn about xfce, meld, thunar, skel, thunar, …

We change back from Sddm to Lightdm.

Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

I totally forgot we had not installed
Surfn icons

We decided to switch from
Sardi to Surfn icons

Hence the problems with the icons
We missed a lego block