57 Plasma challenge update of 04/2020

The Plasma Challenge originated in beginning of November 2018 and was never touched without filming it every step of the way.

We just keep on updating

ArcoLinux and Arch Linux is a rolling release linux distribution.

There are no half-yearly releases. Instead there are year round updates – some small – some large. The updates just keep coming in.

So there is no need to do a clean install. You can keep on rolling.

And this is already the second ssd where I proof to you that it is possible to just keep updating.

This ssd is now 1 year and 6 month old. You can check this with the command last.

First we update (Arch Linux and ArcoLinux). Later we do a upall for the AUR packages.

We have not checked if we still have the fastest servers for Arch Linux servers with mirrors.





sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyrings

if you get issues with keyrings. There was no need this time to do so during our update.


We will explain you the alias skel and its function.

Follow the news on archlinux.org.

We can use our update scripts in ~/.bin/stay-rolling.

We show you the application for my Corsair keyboard.

Check out the alias bupskel.

We accept all name changes coming in during the update.

We add a new repo to pacman.conf for the Xlarge packages.

We add some of the applications to our system.