6 How to use compton on ArcoLinuxD Mate

Using compton on Mate is easily done IF you have installed mate-tweak (AUR) via our scripts then we install compton itself.

sudo pacman -S compton

Next step is to know where compton’s configuration file is.

Then copy/paste it in ~/.config and rename it to marco-compton.conf.

Then you can select it in mate-tweak.

It is not at all necessary to do this.

Advantages are the fading, shade, titlebar transparent, non-active windows are transparent, …
More or less the same settings as on ArcoLinux i3 and openbox.

There is always some kind of “danger” involved in such projects. Shortcuts no longer working, conky’s reacting strange, windows leaving traces, you name it. In short the system becomes unresponsive = worst case scenario.

REMEMBER : CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE will kill your xserver and will get you back working.