6 The Herbstluftwm configuration in detail

two major Folders to configure

Herbsluftwm has actually just one document where all the settings are :

  • ~/.config/herbstlufwm/autostart

The other one is connected to keyboard bindings but it is not from Herbstluftwm.

  • ~/.config/sxhkd


We make sure an application will only be started once with the function run.

We go over all the lines we currently have.

Sxhkd is the way to set our keybindings in Herbstluftwm. We would like to be able to export them to other tiling window managers in the future.

We all have our preferences regarding wallpapers and how to set them with feh.

We use variety as a wallpaper changer and provider. But there is also feh or nitrogen to set your wallpaper and not rotate it at all.

You can launch discord automatically at boot and so much more.

We go over the rest of the content of autostart.

We will keep updating this file. The content may differ from the content of the video.

HERBSTULFTWM reload quit close

In this video we learn we have chosen SUPER as main modifier and learn the keyboard shortcuts for

  • quit
  • reload
  • close

HERBSTULFTWM focusing clients

In this video we learn the keyboard shortcuts to focus on a client.

HERBSTULFTWM Frames explained

In this video we learn what frames are.

How to create them and how to delete them again.

HERBSTULFTWM resizing frames

In this video we learn to resize frames.
You can not resize applications inside one frame.

HERBSTULFTWM changing the panel

There are now 3 views to choose from in regards to the numbering of the workspaces.

Change the look on your panel.

HERBSTULFTWM moving applicationS
to workspace x

Herbstluftwm is assuming you have a Qwerty. Since I have an Azerty, I will change the settings.

You ONLY need to do this IF you want to move an application from workspace X to workspace Y.


Herbstluftwm provides you several layouts to show your applications.
Learn the keybindings.

HERBSTULFTWM mouse bindings

Mousebindings are related to FRAMES and not applications.

We can at the moment resize frames with right mouse click.

Not sure what the others are supposed to do.


It all depends if you will use frames or not. It will change sometimes the result.

You will learn to cycle between workspaces and frames and focus on certain applications.