7 – Learning more about Nemo the filemanager of ArcoLinuxD Cinnamon

Nemo is the file manager of Cinnamon.

We will add the line neofetch at the bottom of ~/.bashrc to start and show you what we work on.

I will allways add the icons on the toolbar.

The search of Nemo is quite strong when trying to find svg files or icons.
Catfish is better when you are looking for a text inside a file.

Bottom- line : use the correct tool for the task

Check out the preferences of Nemo and change it the way you want.

You can install plugins in Nemo. Anything you put in there will be added to your menu. Just make sure it is executable


Invert selection is a neat thing to remember.

You can reload Nemo if you think it is not giving you the correct image.