7 what is pywal and how to use it in bspwm

Python-pywal changes┬ávarious applications like terminals, nano, bash-pipes, ranger, cava,… on the basis of the wallpaper and creates matching colorschemes.

You can install it with

trizen python-pywal

As of ArcoLinux 6.8.1 (June 2018) python-pywal will be installed on the ISO.

The command to launch is however “wal“.

The keyboard shortcuts to launch wal are :

alt + shift + t – trash and create wal
alt + shift + f – favorite and create wal
alt + shift + n – next and create wal
alt + shift + p – previous and create wal
alt + shift + u – create wal on current wallpaper

You can install the following packages to show the effect of pywal :

sudo pacman -S cmatrix
trizen bash-pipes