8 Getting to know the deepin terminal

Tip : Read the help of deepin terminal

The deepin terminal is a versatile and beautiful terminal. 

This is the first alinea of the help of Deepin terminal

“Deepin Terminal is a terminal emulator with simple interface, rich and powerful functions created by Deepin Technology. You can instantly start and close Deepin Terminal smoothly like normal file window, allowing you to input commands with facility and no distractions. Let’s try the Quake mode, browse webs while inputting commands. When there are multiple tasks, you can add tabs in terminal to create more workspaces like in the browser or split the workspace into multiple windows. It’s a piece of cake to upload and download files with remote management. More powerful functions are waiting for you to explore!”

One of the fun things for users will be probably the quake mode or ALT + F2. You resize the the dropdown that falls out of your top screen. You close it with ALT + F2 too. There is also a setting to close quake once the focus has been lost.

The deepin terminal has many standard keyboard shortcuts like

  • CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V
  • F11

but also new ones like

  • CTRL + SHIFT + ? to show the possible keyboard shortcuts

Then you learn the keyboard shortcuts you want to use.

Another nice option is the blur background in the settings of deepin terminal.

Here is an example.

There are so many themes for your deepin-terminal that it is quite enchanting.

Then you decide to split your terminal in halves and quarters horizontally and vertically or add new tabs. It is all possible.