All in one Arch Linux installation Uefi, Btrfs, Sddm and Xfce4 – ArcoLinux Spices Application

Do not forget to install btrfs-progs if you choose the btrfs system format.

The video will use the UEFI guide of this website and guide you through every step of the way.

We follow the guide to install BTRFS.

FIrst we install Arch Linux like we would always do but now with BTRFS filesystem.

We install our ArcoLinux Spices Application only to find out we have an issue.

Timewarp message from pacman.

We search for that term and look for a solution.

In the end removing /etc/pacman.d/gnupg folder and re-initializing pacman did the trick.

Let us change Arch Linux into ArcoLinux

Some more finetuning – i3wm and leftwm – firmware warnings – keymap to be

sudo systemctl enable vmtoolsd.service (if you are on vmware)

Is the swap partition used?

Let us rice Xfce4 a bit – using sardi scripts and variety