All in one Arch Linux installation Uefi, Ext4, Systemd-boot, Lightdm, Xfce4, Chadwm – ArcoLinux Application Glade – ArchLinux Tweak Tool – arcolinux-nemesis

We install Arch Linux the Arch Way and follow the guide on this page. We check if the code is still valid.

Topics we tackle after the Arch Linux installation are:

  • we show the result of an archinstall installation
  • later we install it the Arch Way
  • we install firefox
  • we install paru
  • we install arcolinux-application-glade with paru
  • we install the ArcoLinux keys and mirrors from ArcoLinux Application Glade
  • we install the Archlinux Tweak Tool from Arcolinux Application Glade
  • we run the arcolinux-nemesis scripts