All in one Arch Linux installation UEFI with XFCE4 and Leftwm

Let us start with the Arch Linux iso

Use it to install Xfce4

Use it to install Leftwm

and make it more and more an ArcoLinux operating system

We install Arch Linux with UEFI. We just switched the names for root and swap.

Learn via VirtualBox before installing on real metal.

Use the clone funtionality of VirtualBox.

We change our keyboard to Azerty in Xfce4.

We install firefox as browser. We want to have yay or paru or trizen or even more.

We install ttf-dejavu for a better font in the terminal.

makepkg -siĀ  – read the manual of the applications

Binaries are installed much faster. Examples are yay-bin or paru-bin.

We install Leftwm and its dependencies.

We run leftwm to get the configuration and check the content.


Now we use our ArcoLinux Spices Application.

We have made the application KISS proof.

We will install our keys and add our ArcoLinux repositories to the /etc/pacman.conf.

We go over the configuration and install all the missing packages for Leftwm to be beautiful.

We go over all the packages we have already installed before.

Rip works if we install expac.

Goal : boot up with Arch Linux iso and create an ArcoLinux operating system

We install missing packages to get the same feel and look as on ArcoLinux.

We install the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool and install Awesome.

We install the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool and install Openbox.

We install sddm with our alias and run the fix-config-sddm.

Lateron we use the ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher to remove the desktops we do not want anymore and re-install the desktops with ArcoLinux Tweak Tool (just to play it safe).

We install lsb-release and the logo of ArcoLinux is present in our terminal.

We go over other topics and show the sources for them.

  • sound
  • bluetooth
  • printers